Friday, July 27, 2012

Life after Body Revolution

Is there life after Body Revolution?  Yes, but it will never be the same.  I don't feel the same unless I start my day off with Jillian,  I am scheduled to start training for a 1/2 Marathon.  However, after just 5 days after Body Revolution I do not feel that I got a good workout unless she is present.  So, I am doing both!

7/15                        2 miles on a treadmill
7/16                        Off
7/17                        1 mile
7/18                        1 mile and body pump at the gym
7/19                        Off
7/20                        2 miles and Ripped in 30, week 2
7/21                        Disc 9  Body Revolution

7/22                         3 miles and Ripped in 30, week 2
7/23                         Ripped in 30, week 2
7/24                         2 miles and Ripped in 30, week 2
7/25                         1 mile walk (feeling very tired)
7/26                         Ripped in 30, week 2
7/27                         2 miles, Ripped in 30, week 3
7/28                         2.5 Tap N Run Race

7/29                         4 miles
7/30                         Off
7/31                         Cardio 3 and Ripped in 30, week 3
8/1                           2 miles
8/2                           Cardio 3
8/3                          2 miles and Ripped in 30, week 3
8/4                          Off

8/5                          Off (out of town)
8/6                          Cardio 3
8/7                          3 miles and P90X Abs
8/8                          2 miles
8/9                          Off
8/10                        3 miles and P90X Abs
8/11                        Ripped in 30, week 4

8/12                        6 miles, 1:09          
8/13                        JMBR disc 1 and P90X Abs

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Body Revolution Week 13

I made it, and yes it went fast!

Monday AM......Circuit 11
  I think I am going to miss Jillian and her smart ass comments at 6am.  However, I have timed this just perfect.  Starting on Monday, I start training for another 1/2 marathon.

Tuesday AM.....Circuit 12
  I could actually get in the wheel position today!!  I still could not do the push ups, but made it up!

Wednesday AM.....Cardio 3
  Still the hardest day!

Thursday AM.....Cicuit 11 
   Whooo! Say good-bye to bear walks, scorpion push-ups and dragon pose with

Friday AM..........Circuit 12

Saturday AM..............Cardio 3

Weigh In..............127.5
Results....................   I have lost 2 dress sizes. 
I have not been professionally measured by a trainer, but my measurements show at least 3" in chest, 4" in waist, 5.5" in hips and 5" in right thigh. Total of 22.5 inches

Monday, July 9, 2012

Body Revolution Week 12

Before you read this, please note, it was a rough week.  I am truly upset how it all took place and my scale reflected it!

Monday AM......Circuit 11
   I spent the evening at a fair carrying by 3 year old on my shoulders.  I think I walked for 1 mile with her.  It was nice knowing I was able to do it, but my knees are in a lot of pain this am.  I was not able to do the weighted jumping lunges, so I just did the arm movements.
I completed the bear walks, but it was painful.  I am not very good at the 3 step push-up near the end of the disc, so I either do them on my knees or just hold a plank.

Tuesday AM.....Circuit 12
   Still using 5 lb on the lap pulls.
   And still no way I can do the wheel exercise
   Using 10lb on the bicep curls.

Tuesday PM.....I worked with a personal trainer at the track.  We did lots of circuits like cardio 3 workout, very sore from day before

Thursday workout, walked Six Flags for 8 hrs in 105 degree heat.
                          (Gained 1 lb from day before)

Friday AM....I had a doctor appt and was nervous about taking my energy pill, so I told myself I would postpone my workout till the evening.  Well, my procedure left me sore and unable to lift no more than 5lbs for 2 days.  So I decided to take the day off.  What is so wrong with that? Nothing, however, I ate way to much sugar and too many calories.
My result, gained 2.5lbs.

Saturday AM......Cardio 3

Sunday AM.....Cardio 3

Ended up losing 2.5 of the 3 lbs that I gained for the week, so let's hope my last week can get me back down on the scale!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Body Revolution Week 11

I am here...last 2 disc's of the program!!

Monday AM....Circuit 11
    Wow, she is going to kill me!  Pushups with the torture tube..I can't wait to burn that thing!
     Bear Walks are the worse!
    I am also not a fan of the 3 stage push ups

Tuesday AM......Circuit 12
    The lap pulls, I am using 5 lb weights
     Forget the wheel...I just hold the position on my head
Tuesday PM......Cardio 2

Wednesday........Cardio 3
    Still HATE this workout, I never have a probem waking up at 6am to wokout,
    unless it is a Cardio 3 day!

Thursday AM......Circuit 11
    I am doing the 3 stage push ups on my knees.

Friday AM..........Circuit 12
   The wheel still baffles me!
    The alternating squats on yor feet...tough

Saturday AM.....Cardio 3

Sunday AM.......Cardio 2

I have not been doing many double workouts. We are having 100+ degree days and I am either running my kids to camps or just hanging by the pool!

I am down 13 lbs and most likely 2 dress sizes.  I have 5 lbs to go, so I am thinking I better get back to doing 2 workouts a day if I want to lose my last 5 lbs within the next 2 weeks.  I also am not eating enough and it is starting to show in my energy.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Body revolution Week 10

Same schedule as week 9

The moves are getting a little easier to manage
If I find the time to do an extra workout, I do Cardio 2.

I am losing approximatly 1 lb a week.  However, if I attend a bbq or weekend party, I find myself doing pretty good sticking to my diet.  It never fails, I still seem to gain 2 or 3 lbs.  I then have to spend the entire week working it off and my weekly pound.

I am finding it very challenging trying to lose my goal of 18lbs, but I think it is going to be very hard to maintain it once it is off!

Body Revolution Week 9

Monday AM.......Circuit 9  
Not Sure how to explain today's workout, but....WOW!
I think Jillian and her awesome crew created these crazy moves.
I found them hard and incredibly challenging. The squatted jumping jacks are a thigh burner.
Down dog's are odd.

Monday PM.......Cardio 3
    OMG! That sucked, love that the cicuits are only 20 seconds, hate all the planks and burpees!
Tuesday AM.....Circuit 10
    I think Jillian makes Monday's extremely hard and then gives us a "liitle" break on Tuesdays.
    I am not very good at the jumping lunges with weights, using 5lbs
    Squat with a weight.  I am not yet able to stay squatted the entire time!
    I do have to say, I like the exercise where we can touch the ground, while one leg is extended.

Wednesday......Cardio 3
   I think this is one of the hardest workouts in the program.
   I have to admit, I do not do the side burpees or the cannon ball jumps.
   They exhaust me and I use those (2) 20 second breaks to regain my strenghth

Thursday AM....Circuit 9
  I am finding it is easier to do the planks with weights, my shoulders are feeling the pain.

Friday AM......Circuit 10
   Squatted Pidgeon?? Seriously, too funny, but I am able to do it!
   I am doing the superman's, but with no weights.

Saturday AM......Cardio 3
   Still not my favorite

Sunday....3 mile run

Monday, June 11, 2012

Body Revolution Week 8

Monday AM.......Circuit 7

Tuesday AM......Circuit 8

No workout Wednesday.....under the weather

Thursday AM.....Circuit 7 ready to move on!!

Friday AM.......Circuit 8

Saturday........Cardio 2

Finally took a Sunday off!

I have spent this last week only working out once a day.  I am on target with my weight loss.  It is also summer time and my 4 kids are keeping me very busy, so on some days, there is not enough time in my day.  I am still counting my calories!